Agile architecture with a mission: making the transition back to school and work as smooth as possible.
Unboxy is a synthesis of ideas across architecture and education. 

It draws on the expertise of designers, educators, researchers and parents.  Unboxy is driven by the imagination of the students.
Unboxy has been and always will be not for profit. 

The development and delivery of Unboxy is done for free by the Unboxy team.
We aim to delivery Unboxy for as low or close to free as possible. 

To achieve this mission we rely on the sweat equity of our team and of our generous partners and sponsors. Their support and contributions bring this project to life.


For primary and secondary school students and educators, learning from home has presented many challenges, but also many opportunities. In creating their own learning environments at home, students have discovered valuable insights into how they learn best, and how the built environment impacts education. As students return to school, we hope to harness this knowledge, both to drive classroom design of the future, but also to bridge the gap between home and school, supporting students’ transition.

Unboxy can be used in the classroom as an informed construction project that aids both students and educators in returning to traditional classroom environments, as well as providing a sense of respite and wellbeing in uncertain times. It is a rich STEAM-centric activity that engages students’ cognitive and emotional skills simultaneously.  

Using simple cardboard shapes and connectors, Unboxy provides students with the opportunity to create a space truly reflective of them and their needs. Through collaborating and problem solving, students can create a shelter, quiet learning zone, gathering space, activity area – it provides endless opportunities for students’ creativity and expression. The project acts as a blank canvas, reflective of current classroom activities and topics. Unboxy is a responsive, adaptive classroom intervention that empowers students to take ownership over their education and wellbeing. 


“I really loved seeing everyone working as a team to build the structure together... we learnt how it broke apart and how we could improve, and we managed to make it even better than the first one we did! I really enjoyed working on the structure, it was a load of fun - I'm excited to see how Unboxy turns out!"

— Xavier, student at Unboxy Ambassador school
"Thank you so much for letting us play with Unboxy yesterday. I think its a great product for developing fine motor skills, teamwork, communication and creativity. The most delightful outcome was seeing my quietest student, who often struggles in the classroom, become 'the main man' in our team with his enthusiasm and building skills. He walked back into our classroom with confidence I've never seen in him before "

— Sarah, educator at Unboxy Ambassador school
"It is simple enough for all students to use, but there is an opportunity for complicated designs - this will happen organically as students experiment"

— Unboxy Beta Testing School
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