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Unboxy is made possible by the following generous partners + sponsors:

Become our sponsorship partner

Unboxy are calling for sponsorship partners, either for financial or in-kind support. We are currently offering sponsorship across multiple tiers:

  • Major Sponsor - $25,000+
  • Platinum - $10,000+
  • Gold - $5,000+
  • Silver - $2,500+
  • Bronze - $1,000+

Unboxy is currently being delivered to a number of schools around Australia, including primary, secondary and tech schools. Early prototyping with a variety of schools and workplaces was highly successful, and demonstrates Unboxy as a highly valuable resource for any collaborative group. 

In return for your support, we can offer a number of marketing opportunities, including, but not limited to:

  • Logo placement on all packaging and marketing material for Unboxy
  • Promotion of sponsor on Unboxy website + social media, including feature posts
  • Mention in all media opportunities (both internal and external)
  • Feature interview with sponsor on website + social media
  • Provision of marketing material for use by sponsor

We are also happy to make individual arrangements with sponsors, depending on your marketing needs.

Contact Us

If you think you could be an Unboxy game-changer, we’d love to hear from you! 
Please email unboxyclassroom@gmail.com, or contact your representative directly.

We will organise a virtual meeting with yourself and members of the Unboxy team, to discuss what role you can play in Unboxy.