Do you have more questions about Unboxy? We will keep adding basic questions and answers about Unboxy Kits here to help clarify a few things. If you couldn't find the answers you are looking for, please feel free to email us at unboxyclassroom@gmail.com, and we will try our best to answers your questions.

What is in the Unboxy Kit?

An Unboxy Kit will give you 29 cardboard panels with various components and will include;
  • 112 Large Triangle Panels
  • 28 Diamond Panels
  • 44 Small Triangle Panels
  • 42 Half Triangle / Buttresses
  • 18 Kite Shaped Base Plates
  • 560 Circular Connectors. 
Each box contains 2 kits.
Each kit is sufficient for a typical class (20-25 students + educators) to actively participate. 

What is Unboxy Kit made from?

Unboxy Kit is made from 4mm C-flute cardboard (portion of its content is recycled). Each piece is dye cut.

Is Unboxy suitable for all year levels?

Throughout the Unboxy prototyping phase, we have tested Unboxy at a range of both primary and secondary schools. We have found that students at all ages have loved experimenting with Unboxy.

However, students at different ages may require more assistance or instruction, or may vary in the complexity of their designs. It is worth considering how Unboxy will contribute to your school curriculum.

How many boxes do I need?

Unboxy is sold in box units. Each box contains two kits, of over 200 pieces each. We have found that a kit is more that sufficient for a class of 20-25 students, plus educators, to actively participate in building Unboxy. Therefore, we would recommend one box per two classes that you think would enjoy Unboxy. Kits can also be combined for larger group activities, or for students to build larger structures as individuals. 

If used with care, Unboxy can be reused and reconstructed multiple times. 

How to Unboxy?

You can download our 'How To' brochure, including valuable teachers' resources, here